Service Class Creates Kindness Boomerang Video

Monday, April 15, 2019

Our junior high students have a slate of elective classes from which to choose each semester.  This semester, 14 students, all 8th graders, chose to participate in the service elective class, which focuses on servant leadership.  This group of students, taught by Mr. Sherry and Mrs. Hoffmann, has assisted a variety of organizations, applied for a grant, produced a video, and even shared their story of servant leadership with students at another school.

One organization the class has assisted is Catalyst Farms, which provides counseling, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy services, as well as camps offering these services during the summer months.  The class has also done service for Rahab Ministries, which supports victims of human trafficking.  Bags of Hope is an innovative project begun by one of the students in the class and supported by the entire student population through donations of supplies such as toiletries, notebooks, books, card games, and more to help children served by the foster care system.  The students have also submitted a grant proposal to Catholic Charities requesting $1,000 in funding to enable them to work with students at Emmanuel Christian Academy on sharing the mission of servant leadership through collaborative service projects.

Most recently, the students produced a Kindness Boomerang video that provides a visual representation of servant leadership and illustrates how one simple act of kindness can lead to many more.  This video, featuring members of the St. Hilary School community, was shown during the students’ presentation to students at Seton Catholic School during one of Seton’s Lenten Crusader speaker series events.  There, the St. Hilary students shared with the Seton students all of the works of service the class has performed this semester, inspiring them to answer the call of servant leadership, as well.

To view the St. Hilary School Kindness Boomerang video, please click here.