School Closed February 14

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Due to the predicted additional snow and extreme cold, St. Hilary School will be closed Friday, February 14.  We will also be using this time to disinfect the building in light of the illnesses that have been prevalent over the past several weeks.  Our student absences have reached 14% of the student population at times, with even greater percentages of staff absences.  While our student absences the past few days have been about 8% of the student population, we want to use this opportunity to foster the health and safety of our students by performing this deep cleaning.  We realize this may present an inconvenience for some families, but as always, the health and safety of our students is top priority.  We encourage everyone to use the additional time off to rest and recuperate, and ask that those who may still be under the weather next week please not return to school until they are symptom–free for a full 24 hours, lest our cleaning efforts be in vain.

In light of the closing of school tomorrow, we need to cancel and reschedule some events:

Valentine’s Day festivities will be held next Tuesday, February 18.

Candy grams will be distributed next Tuesday, February 18.

Ski Club will be cancelled for February 14.  A make-up session has been added for February 28.

Students are asked to wear light blue or white school uniform shirts next Tuesday, February 18 to support eighth grader Michael Albers.  Students with the special Team Michael shirts are asked to wear them with their uniforms on this day, as well.


Please also keep in mind the procedure for basketball practices and school closings listed below.

To clarify when practice is permissible when school is closed:
- If school is closed for weather or another non-scheduled issue, there cannot be practice.
- If it is a scheduled day off or break, practice may be held.
- If you practice at a Copley facility and they have school when we do not, practice may be held there.
- If you practice at a Copley facility and Copley schools are closed for any reason, practices cannot be held there.