Love of God.  Love of others.  In either, there is no greater aspiration; yet, we challenge our students to do both every day.

Faith in God lies at the heart of the St. Hilary School experience.  In addition to celebrating weekly and holy day Masses planned and ministered by the various grade levels, our students experience the fullness of the Catholic faith in every aspect of their education.  Students are guided in developing the character, compassion and values that will enable them to be respectful and respected leaders and contributors in our world. 


St. Hilary School offers ample opportunities for students to live their faith and values daily.  Each day begins and ends with prayer, and prayer is a part of every lunch period.  Students who foster peace, kindness, integrity, and other admirable qualities in the school community are eligible for recognition through a special award each quarter.  Sixth through eighth grade students may be altar servers at school and weekend Masses.  Students of non-Catholic faiths are invited to share their faiths' traditions to enhance global awareness.


Service is also an integral component of the St. Hilary School experience.  Students come face-to-face with the elderly, the poor, the ill, and other disadvantaged groups as they venture into the community to serve others.  Sixth graders might visit nursing home "buddies".  Second graders may assist with sorting food at a food pantry.  Kindergarteners might collect supplies and host a "baby shower" for a pregnancy center.  All students, even the very youngest, become aware of their gifts and blessings and the need to share them with others.  Thinking outside themselves is one of the most indelible lessons our students learn at St. Hilary School.


Following Christ’s example, we welcome students of every faith, race, heritage, and ability level.  Annually, 98% of our students build upon their St. Hilary School foundation by continuing their education at a Catholic high school.

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Our mission is to keep Christ at the center of all that we do.
In partnership with our parents and parish community, we will inspire our students, through innovative and challenging academic experiences, to be leaders capable of making a positive change in the world.

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