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St. Hilary School follows the Graded Courses of Study prepared by the Cleveland Diocesan Education Office. These Courses of Study have the approval of the Ohio State Department of Education, and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The following is a partial listing of the basic curriculum:

Religion: God’s goodness, liturgy, commandments, sacraments, Old Testament, life of Christ, Beatitudes, Church history, the Creed, prayer.

English/Language Arts: Listening, oral expression/drama, poetry, story-telling, parts of speech, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, usage, paragraph structure, dictionary skills, creative writing, reports, essays, handwriting, spelling.

Reading: Auditory, motor, visual skills, phonics, decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, listening skills, library and study skills, reading in content areas, recreational reading, study of the novel and short story.

Social Studies: Communities, map/globe skills, U.S. history/geography, Latin and South America, history of civilization, countries of Europe and Asia, Ohio history, American history/government.

Math: Basic operations, numeration, problem solving, measurement, graphs, probability, statistics, basic geometry, fundamentals of algebra.

Science/Health: General science, matter, energy, earth science, life science, lab activities, community and personal health, safety, drug education, human sexuality.

Physical Education: Coordination activities, fundamental body movement, elements of various sports, physical fitness, games for leisure and health.

Music: Singing, music appreciation, music theory, opportunities for performance.

Art: Art theory, creative expression through various media, crafts, art appreciation.
Computer: Keyboarding literacy, computer assisted instruction, integration of technology with core curriculum.

Spanish, French and Chinese: Vocabulary, conversational phrases, verb tenses, culture and background.

Enrichment: Storytelling, visual and performing arts related to higher level thinking skills through reading, listening and creating.

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“Be it known to all who enter that Christ is the reason for this school , the unseen, but ever present teacher in its classes, the model of its staff, the inspiration of its students.” This is our aim which we strive to make real in the following ways:

1.     Daily religious instruction by certified religion teachers on staff.

2.     Preparation of and by the students for participation in liturgies and paraliturgical services held throughout the
       school year.

     a.     School and grade level Masses.

     b.     Penance celebrations especially during Advent and Lent.

     c.     Participation in Christmas and Holy Week services.

     d.     Sacramental preparation programs for Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

3.     Opportunities for service to our community.

     a.     Missions—home and foreign.

     b.     Remembrances for the sick and elderly.

     c.     Service projects.

     d.     Altar servers.

Parental interest and involvement in any of these areas serve to enhance the responsible passing-down of our Catholic Christian faith and meaningful traditions which is our sacred trust to our posterity. At St. Hilary School the faculty and staff expect to function as a support to you in your regular daily practice of the Faith, not as a substitute.