Forms and Documents


Required of Each Family to Complete Re-Registration AFTER Steps are Followed on Gradelink:

2020-2021 Re-Registration Fee Voucher 2020-2021 Re-Registration Fee Voucher 


 Required of All Students Upon Enrollment and Whenever a Change in Custody Occurs:

Custody Form 2020-2021 Custody Form 2020-2021

Custody Form 2019-2020 Custody Form 2019-2020 


Technology Use Forms Required of Students Each School Year:

2019-2020 Student Acceptable Use Form 2019-2020 Student Acceptable Use Form 

 2019-2020 iPad Chromebook AUP 2019-2020 iPad Chromebook AUP 


Forms Required of Each Family Each School Year:

The Educational and Conduct Contract (School Handbook Contract)
and the Media Release Form are now completed via Gradelink



Field Trip Forms:

Field Trip Driver Field Trip Driver's Statement

Field Trip Permission Form Field Trip Permission Form


Miscellaneous Forms:

Latchkey Registration Form Latchkey Registration Form

PA Reimbursement Request Form PA Reimbursement Request Form

Safety Volunteer Waiver Safety Volunteer Waiver 


 Miscellaneous Documents:

Grade Level Transition Mentors 2020-2021 Grade Level Transition Mentors 2020-2021

2019-2020 Grade Level Transition Mentor List 2019-2020 Grade Level Transition Mentor List

2019-2020 School Calendar 2019-2020 School Calendar

2019-2020 School Liturgy Schedule 2019-2020 School Liturgy Schedule 

    2019-2020 School Uniform Information 2019-2020 School Uniform Information 

2020-2021 Dress Code 2020-2021 Dress Code 

2019-2020 Dress Code 2019-2020 Dress Code

Fundraising Calendar 2019-2020 Fundraising Calendar 2019-2020

Copley Bus Schedule 2020-2021 Copley Bus Schedule 2020-2021

Copley Bus Schedule 2019-2020 Copley Bus Schedule 2019-2020

Revere Bus Schedule 2020-2021 Revere Bus Schedule 2020-2021 

Revere Bus Schedule 2019-2020 REV 10-2-19 Revere Bus Schedule 2019-2020 REV 10-2-19 

School Attendence Regulations School Attendence Regulations

2019-2020 Phys Ed Guidelines  2019-2020 Phys Ed Guidelines 

8th grade ads class of 2020 8th grade ads class of 2020 


Medical Forms Required for New Students:

School Entry Physical Exam School Entry Physical Exam

School Entry Immunization Report School Entry Immunization Report

Immunizations for Kindergarteners Immunizations for Kindergarteners

Immunizations for Transfer Students Immunizations for Transfer Students

Medical Form Required for All Students:

St. Hilary School Emergency Medical Authorization St. Hilary School Emergency Medical Authorization

(This form can be completed via Gradelink)

Form Required for Administration of Medication:

Medication Prescriber and Parent Request rev 2-16 Medication Prescriber and Parent Request rev 2-16

Forms for Students with Medical Conditions:

Allergy Action Plan Allergy Action Plan 

Asthma Action Plan Asthma Action Plan

Diabetes Health Care Plan rev 2-16 Diabetes Health Care Plan rev 2-16 

Seizure Action Plan Seizure Action Plan