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 Thank You For a Wonderful 2016-2017 School Year!


grad 1 17 
Farewell, eighth graders!

 grad 5 17
Eighth grade choir members sing at graduation.

grad 6 17 
An eighth grader reads a petition at graduation.

grad 10 17 
The first proud graduate of the Class of 2017!

FD 1 17

FD 8 17 

 FD 10 17 

 FD 11 17

FD 22 17

 FD 2 17

FD 20 17

 FD 12 17

 FD 9 17

 FD 14 17

FD 3 17

 FD 15 17

 FD 13 17

 FD 16 17

FD 21 17

 FD 7 17

 FD 17 17

 FD 19 17

 FD 18 17

 FD 4 17

FD 5 17 

FD 23 17

 FD 24 17

FD 6 17
Field Day Fun 2017!


Eighth graders sing the traditional Friends song... 

...and share a last bittersweet memory... 

038 they prepare to cap their time at St. Hilary... 

...during the Farewell Mass.

K temple 5 17 
Kindergarteners tried on yarmulkes and learned about the Jewish faith
at a visit to a local temple. 

  gr 4 turtle
A turtle used in occupational therapy paid a visit to this fourth grade class
as part of a series of presentations by health care professionals.

k tea 2 17 
Kindergarteners entertained moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas with sweet sentiments and songs... 

k tea 1 17
...during their spring parent programs. 

 2 process 2 17
Second graders lead the processional...

 2 process 1 17
at Mass...

 2 brunch 2 17
...and enjoy a special brunch,,,

2 brunch 1 17 celebrate their First Communion. 

may 1 17
Students carry flowers to the altar...

 may 2 17 part of the annual May Crowning ceremony... 

 may 3 17 honor of Mary. 

 neff VB 1 17
Students get into the game at the Kevin Neff Volleyball Tournament to raise funds...

 neff schol 1 17
...for the annual scholarship awarded to a deserving seventh grader.

neff schol 2 17
This year, three Kevin Neff Scholarship winners were chosen. 

gr 1 social 4 17
First graders entertain parents and grandparents... 

gr 1 social 1 17 their '50's-themed ice cream social.

gr 4 respiratory 
Fourth graders get a lesson about the respiratory system... 

gr 4 respiratory 2 
...and then try out model lungs.

rain 2 17 
First graders portray...

rain 4 17 
...the rainforest play...

rain 3 17
...with all of its animals,...

rain 1 17
...sights, sounds, and stories.

 samide farewell 1 17
Our seminarian intern, Dan Samide, bids farewell to the school community on Holy Thursday. 

 holy prayer 1 17
Washing of the hands is a traditional part of our Holy Thursday prayer service. 

chicks 1 17
Kindergarteners had a wonderful time... 

 chicks 2 17
...with their newly-hatched chicks!

 klenotic 2 17
Congratulations to the deserving second grader tapped as this year's recipient of the Jane Klenotic Scholarship! 

selling bee
Thirteen fifth graders opted to participate in the Selling Bee,
sponsored by the Young Entrepreneur Institute at University School.
The students designed products and made videos to "pitch" the products to a panel of judges. 

bk champs 3 4 17 
Seventh and eighth graders listen to speaker R.B. Brownfield, Principal at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School,...

bk champs 3 3 17 
...during the Breakfast of Champions... 

bk champs 3 2 17 the Gathering Area. 

gr 6 unbound
Sixth graders sell bracelets to support Unbound,
a charity to help end hunger in India.

 oobleck 2 17
Fourth graders get hands-on...

  oobleck 1 17 they learn about oobleck, a non-Newtonian material. 

bkst 2 5 17
Seventh and eighth graders listen to John Carroll University Head Football Coach Rick Finotti
during the second Breakfast of Champions. 

bkst 2 4 17  

bkst 2 3 17  

bkst 2 2 17 

bkst 2 1 17 

 pi day 2 17
Eighth graders measure the circumference of round objects... 

pi day 1 17
...and perform calculations on Pi Day (3/14).

3 sci 4 17  

3 sci 3 17 

3 sci 5 17 

3 sci 2 17

3 sci 1 17 
Third grade students have a great time sharing their knowledge with classmates
and first graders during their Science Museum. 

stvm 17 
Eighth graders show their high school spirit by wearing shirts for St. Vincent-St. Mary,...

copley 17 

hoban 17 
...Archbishop Hoban,...

green 17 

walsh 17 
...Walsh Jesuit,...

st ed 17 
...and St. Edward.

skits 3 17 
skits 2 17 skits 1 17 
Eighth graders perform Bible skits for Kindergarteners. 

bkst 1 2 17  

bkst 1 1 17  

bkst 1 3 17  

bkst 1 4 17  

bkst 1 5 17  

bkst 1 6 17 
Seventh and eighth grade students enjoy the first Breakfast of Champions,
featuring speaker Dr. Joe Congeni. 

K church 4 17  

K church 3 17  

K church 2 17  

K church 1 17 
Kindergarteners get an up-close tour of the Church
led by seminarian intern Dan Samide. 

seuss 2 17 
Sixth graders and their second grade buddies... 

seuss 1 17 
...enjoy spending time together celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. 

gr 3 prez 1 17
Third graders dress as their favorite presidents and first ladies. 

 POP 2 feb 17
Congratulations to our eighth grade Power of the Pen team on a first place finish
and Sweepstakes Award win at the Regional Tournament!
Best of luck at the State Tournament in May! 

k dental 3 17
Kindergarten students get a lesson in dental hygiene... 

 k dental 5 17
...and then practice flossing on friendly hippos!

BWS 3 17
Students sort donations to make welcome bags for the Battered Women's Shelter.

6 stem 3 17
Sixth graders design and build roller coasters during a STEM activity in science class.

district bee 17
Congratulations to our District Spelling Bee winner,
one of seven who will advance to the Regional
Spelling Bee on March 11!

shark 2 17
Fifth graders learned about economics and entrepreneurship,...

shark 3 17 
...developed business and product ideas,...

 shark 1 17
...and pitched their ideas to Shark Tank investors.

sci fair winners 17
Congratulations and good luck to our seventh and eighth grade students who earned
Superior ratings at the St. Hilary School Science Fair and qualified to advance to
the District Science Fair at the University of Akron on March 18! 

 read 2 17
First graders have fun celebrating reading...

read 5 17 
...with a party under the big top at the Circus,... 

read 3 17 the campfire... 

read 4 17 Camp Read S'more,... 

read 6 17
...and chugging along... 

read 1 17 
...aboard the Reading Express. 

castle 1 17
Fourth graders... 

castle 2 17 off some of the creative designs... 

 castle 3 17
...for the castles... 

castle 4 17
...they made in January. 

K 100 17 
Kindergarteners celebrate their 100th day with everything 100, including "100-year-old" teachers!  

MT Day 5 17 
Students participated in a variety of activities to learn about Mother Teresa and the culture of India.
Here, second graders see and hear letters written by Mother Teresa to a school family. 

MT Day 4 17
A kindergartener makes a Mother Teresa face. 

MT Day 3 17
First graders make Indian henna tattoos. 

MT Day 2 17 
Third graders decorate pictures of elephants.

MT Day 1 17
Fourth graders trace their hands to make Mother Teresa angels. 

MT Day 6 17
Kindergarteners were treated to a visit from Mother Teresa herself! 

sci fair 5 17 
Junior high students get ready to present their Science Fair projects for the judges.sci fair 4 17 sci fair 3 17sci fair 2 17 sci fair 1 17 

8 svc 2 17 
Students performed service in a variety of ways during Catholic Schools Week.  Eighth graders
went to St. Mary School in Akron... 

8 svc 1 17 
...where they taught students speed stacking. 

7 svc 2 17
Seventh graders went to Haven of Rest where they made decorations...

7 svc 1 17 bring cheer to those served by the facility. 

6 svc 2 17 
Sixth graders made posters to advertise the bracelets they will sell... 

6 svc 1 17 benefit Unbound and help minimize hunger in the world. 

5 svc 2 17 
Fifth graders went to the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center... 

5 svc 1 17 
...where they planted seeds to help re-vegetate the land. 

4 svc 2 17 
Fourth graders made a donation of supplies... 

4 svc 1 17 the Ronald McDonald House.

 gr 3 csw 1 17
Third graders bagged cookies... 

gr 3 csw 3 17 be used in bagged lunches at the St. Bernard Hunger Center. 

2 svc 2 17 
The second grade "Pod Squad" collected and sorted laundry pods... 

2 svc 1 17 benefit those served by Open M.

1 svc 2 17 
First graders collected and sorted soccer gear... 

1 svc 1 17 be given to inner city youth.

K svc 1 17 
Kindergarteners collected and wrapped baby items...

K svc 2 17 be donated to the Pregnancy Center in Barberton.

K rainbow 17
Kindergarteners wear glasses with prismatic lenses to learn about prisms and rainbows! 

k student theme
This happy kindergartener really got into
our school theme, Do Small Things With Great Love! 

 csw cheer 3 17
We kicked off Catholic Schools Week in Saber Style with a pep rally... 

csw roller coaster 17
...and a "roller coaster"! 

csw proc 17 
Mrs. Arnone accepts a proclamation from Fairlawn Mayor William Roth. 

csw mid cheer 17 
Cheerleaders get things started with a chant.

 csw gr 1 cheer 17
First graders cheer their loudest!

csw jump 17 
Soaring for St. Hilary! 

csw gr 7 cheer 2 17 
Seventh graders get fired up! 

csw gr 5 cheer 17 
Fifth graders show their Saber Spirit!

 csw cheer little 17
Our youngest cheerleaders help get the crowd excited.

csw gr 3 cheer 17 
Third graders scream during the Spirit Stick contest. 

spell be 2 17 
Spelling Bee contestants listen as Mrs. Arnone gives final instructions.

spell bee 1 17 
Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winner (right) and runner up! 

 sarc 1 17
Sixth graders work on sarcophagus projects... 

sarc 2 17 part of a unit of study on ancient Egypt.

MT 1 17
Second Quarter Mother Teresa Award recipients get ready to go on a field trip... 

MT 4 17 
...that included service at the St. Bernard Hunger Center.  

 china 1 17
Welcome to our visitors from China!  Students and teachers alike are immersing themselves
in the culture of America and St. Hilary School for a week! 

china 4 17
Eighth graders get to know a visiting student from China as the three work on a science fair project. 

 china 2 17
Ivan Pan, Marketing Manager of the May-Ow School in China,
from which most of the visiting students and teachers came,
presents the school with a Chinese Chess game as
St. Hilary School Assistant Principal Mrs. Woodman looks on.

 china 3 17 
Teacher Xinyu "Lucy" Lu from China interacts with a group of second graders during art class. 

  china 33 17 
Students from May-Ow School in China pose outside St. Hilary School.

china 20 17 
Eighth graders enjoy bonding with their new friends from China. 

china 18 17 
A student from China works on a lesson in a fifth grade classroom. 

china 16 17
A St. Hilary fifth grader and a fifth grader from China work together on an assignment. 

china 15 17 
A student from China enjoys bonding with his new St. Hilary friends. 

china 13 17
Eighth graders work on a class assignment with a visiting student from China. 

china 11a 17 
Second graders show the Chinese paper art they made with visiting teachers from China. 

china 8 17 
A visiting teacher from China assists second graders
with a traditional Chinese art project. 

china 11 17 
Eighth graders from China work with St. Hilary eighth graders on a science fair project.

china 7 17
Second graders pose with teachers from China.  

gr 4 soil 1 17
Fourth graders learn about soil and rocks...

 gr 4 soil 2 17
...from soil engineer Mr. Houser.

ac chall jan 17
Congratulations to Academic Challenge Team A for taking third place in the championship finals!

g bee winners 17
St. Hilary School Principal Mrs. Arnone congratulates our geography bee winner and runner up. 

gr 6 act 2 17
Sixth graders dress in costume... 

gr 6 act 1 17
...and act out a chapter of the mystery novel, The Westing Game

 POP 1 2017 
Congratulations to our 7th & 8th Grade Power of the Pen Teams on earning first place
at their first competition of the school year! 

rainbow 7 16
Kindergarteners portray the true meaning of Christmas with their Rainbow Play. 

rainbow 6 16 
Kindergarteners try to brighten Christmas with stories. 

rainbow 4 16 
Dancing kindergarteners hope to perk up Christmas. 

rainbow 3 16 
Kindergarteners sing loud and proud hoping to find Christmas cheer. 

rainbow 2 16
Kindergarteners look for the meaning of Christmas. 

rainbow 101 5 16 
Kindergarteners share a song and dance during the Rainbow Play. 

rainbow 101 4 16 
Who will find the true meaning of Christmas? 

rainbow 101 3 16 
Kindergarteners get into the spirit during their Rainbow Play. 

rainbow 101 2 16 
There was no room at the inn for this special baby as Kindergarteners learned.

rainbow 101 1 16
What will make Christmas special for these kindergarteners? 

2 xmas 8 16 
Second graders celebrate Christmas traditions from around the world. 

2 xmas 6 16 
Australian sand snowmen are among the traditions...

2 xmas 4 16 
...these second graders recreated. 

2 xmas 3 16
A second grader puts powdered sugar on her pizzelles while learning about Christmas around the world. 

2 xmas 1 16 
Second graders wait their turn to make pizzelles during Christmas Around The World.

starlab 16 
Mrs. Arnone gets ready to lead eighth graders in a lesson in the Starlab mobile planetarium. 

gr 4 service 
Fourth graders display items they collected for those in need.
The warm weather gear will be distributed to individuals as they enjoy
Christmas Eve dinner at St. Bernard's Hunger Center. 

k bingo 4 16 
Kindergarteners make the best of indoor recess... 

k bingo 3 16 practicing their number skills...

k bingo 2 16 
...with a fun game of... 

k bingo 1 16 
...Numbers Bingo!

 xmas 8 16
Must be Santa!  First graders delight the audience...

 xmas 9 16
...with their rendition of spirited Christmas songs.

xmas 15 16
Second graders perform...

xmas 19 16 
...a musical play...

xmas 18 16 
...depicting the Christmas story....

xmas 16 16 
...and all its details... 

xmas 13 16 
...during the school Christmas program. 

1&7 stem 3 16

1&7 stem 2 16 

 1&7 stem 1 16

st nick 7 16
St. Nick visits classrooms to explain the legend of the candy cane,...

st nick 6 16 
...and hand out candy canes...

st nick 5 16 happy students. 

st nick 3 16 
Kindergarteners get candy cane treats from St. Nick...

st nick 2 16 
...and sing a special St. NIck Day song,... 

st nick 1 16
...after learning about St. Nick and the story of the candy cane.

ac chall 1 16 
Our Academic Challenge Team won two rounds and narrowly missed winning two others
at the National Academic Quiz Tournament Invitational competition on November 19.

prayer 3 16 
Our sixth grade girls soccer team,... 

prayer 1 16 
...newly remodeled Multi-Purpose Room,...

prayer 2 16 
...and our Seminarian, Dan Samide, were just a few of the groups, items, and people
who received blessings during our Thanksgiving Prayer Service.

gr 3 trade 1 16 
Third graders use non-verbal communication to trade as the Native Americans did with other groups.

gr 3 trade 2 16 
Third graders play Native American games...

gr 3 trade 3 16 
...and learn about how Native American children entertained themselves and interacted socially. 

parade 2 16 
Second graders and seventh graders display the balloons they made for their mock
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

parade 1 16
The project was a joint STEM project effort during second and seventh grade science classes.

gr 3 TG 2 16 
Third graders perform a Readers' Theatre play...

gr 3 TG 1 16
...retelling the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans...

 gr 3 TG 3 16
...and the first Thanksgiving.

 k feast 1 16
Kindergarteners enjoy a Thanksgiving feast! 

k pow wow 4 16 
Complete with handmade costumes... 

powwow 3 16
...kindergarteners get excited... 

k pow wow 5 16
...and have a great time... 

powwow 2 16
...celebrating Native American culture...

powwow 1 16 their class Pow Wows. 

food drive 3 16 
Student Council members show...

food drive 2 16 
...and sort... 

food drive 1 16 
...some of the hundreds of items donated for the Thanksgiving Food Drive. 

owl lab 3 16 
Fourth graders dissect owl pellets... 

owl lab 2 16 discover what is inside... 

owl lab 1 16 
...and learn more about these fascinating animals. 

saber 1 16
Seminarian Mr. Samide joins the sixth grade boys for lunch and conversation
during the Saber Brothers Luncheon.

 saber 2 16
Mrs. Arnone passes out journals to the sixth grade girls during the Saber Sisters Luncheon.

vet day 1 16
Eighth graders assemble pencils with labels containing the names of veterans and
those actively serving in the military.  The pencils will be distributed to students
to remind them to pray for these individuals.
Sixth grade students also made cards which were mailed to those serving active duty.

 rocks 1 16
Fourth graders listen attentively during a presentation about geology. 

rocks 2 16
A fourth grader checks out some rock samples. 

1 Q award 16 
First Quarter Mother Teresa Award recipients get ready to leave for their field trip...

1 Q award 3 16 St. Bernard where they assembled
bagged lunches for those in need.
The students were treated to lunch after their service.

k vote 1 16 
Kindergarteners prepare to cast their ballots in the class mock presidential election.

gr 8 vote 1 16 
An eighth grader casts his mock ballot while another student waits his turn to vote.

masks 5 16
Fifth graders apply paper strips to their designs... 

masks 2 16 create masks they will paint and decorate. 

farm 4 16 
First graders try their hands at candle dipping...

farm 3 16 
...and old machinery during a visit to Hale Farm.

 chess 5 16
Students challenge each other at chess...

 chess 1 16
...during our after-school Chess Club.

saints 1 16
A third grader joins his classmates dressed as saints before processing in at Mass.

saints 2 16 
A third grader dresses as the saint she researched for All Saints Day. 

saints 3 16 
Third graders portray saints as they prepare to process in for Mass.

saints 4 16 
These third graders represent a variety of saints. 

saints 5 16 
Third graders researched saints of their choice, dressed as the saints,... 

saints 6 16
... prepared clues, and tried to stump Fr. Steve, Mr. Samide, Mrs. Woodman, and Mrs. Arnone
as to their saintly identities. 

halloween 1 16
Fr. Steve and Mr. Samide lead the Halloween parade. 

halloween 2 16
Buddies enjoy walking together in the Halloween parade.

halloween 3 16 
Costumes and characters of all kinds make an appearance for Halloween!

halloween 4 16 
These students take a break from the Halloween parade to pose for a photo.

halloween 5 16 
Technology makes its way into the Halloween parade!

halloween 6 16
Mrs. Arnone, Mrs. Woodman, and Mrs. Woodman's sons dress as characters from the book,
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

halloween 7 16 
Primary staff members represent the months of the calendar!

stem 1 1016
First graders select materials for their STEM build project,...

stem 2 1016 
...think carefully about how to execute the plans they created,...

stem 3 1016 
...and build! 

 soap 1 16
Student Council members sort donations for the soap drive. 

soap 2 16 
Student Council members show off a few of the hundreds of items collected for those in need. 

speed 3 16 
Students try their hand at Speed Stacks! 

speed 2 16 
A first grader builds a tall tower in Speed Stacks.

speed 1 16 
The challenge is on!

dog day 1 16
Kindergarteners enjoy a special visit on Dog Day!

dog day 2 16
Sharing doggie friends on Dog Day in Kindergarten! 

sc 2 16
After a blessing from Fr. Steve,...

sc 1 16
...newly-inducted Student Council members pose for a photo.

fall fest 15 16
Kindergarten friends have fun at Fall Fest! 

fall fest 14 16 
Two friends take a photo break before dinner at Fall Fest. 

fall fest 11 16 
Siblings share a great time at Fall Fest!

fall fest 10 16 
So many superheroes! 

fall fest 9 16 
Fall Fest is fun for all ages! 

fall fest 8 16
Costumes help everyone get in the spirit at Fall Fest! 

fall fest 7 16 
Sisters enjoy dressing up for the festivities! 

fall fest 6 16 
A Fall Fest game volunteer with "great taste"! 

fall fest 1 16
A kindergartener toasts marshmallows at Fall Fest. 

fall fest 5 16 
Fall Fest is a great time for this second grader. 

k camp 1 16 
Kindergartners learn the sound of medial a by "camping",
unpacking a sack, and having a snack. 

k camp 6 16
Kindergarteners celebrate fall after their "camping" lesson! 

flower 1 16 
Fourth graders explore flowers to learn about their parts.

flower 2 16 
A fourth grader gets a close look at the inside of a flower. 

gallery walk 2 16
As part of a lesson on plate tectonics, eighth graders drafted questions about the topic.
They then created QR codes linked to online resources that would help answer those questions.
The questions and QR codes were posted for classmates to scan with their iPads and access the resources. 

gallery walk 1 16 
An eighth grader uses his iPad to access online resources to answer questions about plate tectonics.

buddies 3 16 
Kindergarteners and their eighth grade buddies...

buddies 2 16 
...enjoy a fall afternoon...

buddies 1 16 
...learning about Noah's Ark and sharing an animal cracker snack. 

rosary 1 10 16 
Mr. Samide begins the October Rosary service by explaining why we pray the Rosary. 

rosary 6 10 16
Student members of the Rosary Club...

rosary 2 10 16
...helped to plan the service,...

 rosary 4 10 16
...led the prayers,... 

rosary 3 10 16 
...and carried candles to the altar... 

rosary 5 10 16 form a candle Rosary. 

 olympic 4 16
First graders try their skills,...

olympic 3 16 
...test their strength,... 

olympic 2 16 
...and even win medals...

olympic 1 16
...during the class Olympics!

3 rosary 16
Mr. Manno's third grade class displays rosaries they made.

gr 2 choose kind
Miss Conti's second grade class became a Certified Kind Classroom through the Choose Kind program!
Choose Kind is an anti-bullying campaign inspired by R.J. Palacio's debut novel, Wonder.

 heat 2 16
Eighth graders perform a heat transfer lab, using various methods to cook popcorn... 

heat 1 16 
...and learn about properties of conduction, convection and radiation.

fire 1 16
Fourth graders learn about fire safety in the child safety house... 

 fire 2 16
...before using the ladder to escape from smoke inside.

7 weather 2 16 
Seventh graders study various aspects of weather using simulated cyclones... 

7 weather 1 16 well as other weather-related instruments.

 Thrills for Hils 1 16
Students perform a "Thrills for Hils" dance as a surprise for members of the parish staff.

 gr 2 zoo 16
Second graders take a break during a field trip to the Akron Zoo.

viscosity 1 16 
Eighth graders conduct a lab to study the viscosity of various substances. 

gr 1 para 1 16 
First graders perform an experiment to test the drop speed and patterns of parachutes they designed.
This STEM-based lesson was connected to literature, as students were challenged to design
a parachute that could enable literary character Jack to descend his beanstalk.

rosary 1 16
Members and advisors of the Rosary Club make Rosaries. 

1 music 16 2 
First graders learn to conduct a classical piece... 

1 music 16 1
...during Miss Tricia's enrichment music class. 

k mapleside 16 4 
Kindergarteners learn about apples during a field trip to Mapleside Farms.

k mapleside 16 2 
Cider and donuts are the perfect snack for these hungry kindergarteners
during their field trip to Mapleside Farms! 

gr 1 statue of liberty 
Learning about American symbols was extra fun when this first grader
portrayed the Statue of Liberty.  The class learned about
the meaning of her crown, book and torch.

2 & 6 out 16 2 
Sixth graders and their second grade buddies... 

2 & 6 out 16 1
...enjoy a beautiful afternoon to read together outside. 

applesauce 16
Kindergarteners cut apples and learn about fractions as they get ready to make applesauce. 

Students use iPads during morning Latchkey. 

admin reading 16 
Mrs. Arnone and Mrs. Woodman read to second graders to help them
understand the school theme, "Do Small Things With Great Love."

gr 6 outside 16 
Sixth graders take advantage of a beautiful September day for an outdoor lesson. 

gr 2 pavilion 16
First graders work on a lesson in the outdoor classroom. 

  gr 4 rev war 1 16
Fourth graders participate in
Revolutionary War Day at
Archbishop Hoban High School.

gr 2 recess 16
First graders enjoy recess on a sunny September afternoon. 

 book club
The seventh grade girls' book club meets
to share lunch and discuss 9/10,
the book they are reading about 9/11. 

gbread 1 16
Aprons and hats are part of the gear happy kindergarteners wear...

gbread 2 16 roll out gingerbread dough...

gbread 4 16 
...and cut and decorate gingerbread boys and girls...

gbread 5 16 
...on this fun day in kindergarten!

handprint 1 16 
A first grader makes his patriotic-themed handprint in observance of the anniversary of 9/11. 

rockets 3 16 
Eighth graders weigh their bottle rockets,...

rockets 2 16 
,,,check final measurements,... 

rockets 1 16 
...and record their specifications with Mrs. Durkin... 

rockets 5 16
...before heading outside...

rockets 4 16 launch their rockets. 

writing 2 16 
A kindergartener practices writing her name. 

writing 1 16 
The first kindergarten handwriting lesson is a success! 

 weather poster winners
Six students were regional winners and four were state winners
in the 2016 Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness Poster Contest!

  new students 1 16 
New students get acquainted...

new students 2 16 
...and learn more about each other...

new students 3 16 playing some ice-breaker games together.

8 gum 1 16 
Eighth graders examine the properties of pieces of bubble gum... 

8 gum 2 16 predict the size of bubbles each will produce. 

2 lunch 1 16
Second graders enjoy lunch...

2 lunch 2 16 
...with friends in the newly remodeled lunch room!

Mrs. Arnone, Fr. Steve and Mrs. Woodman address students, staff and parents
on the first day of school. 

Students reconnect and blow bubbles to celebrate the start of a new school year. 

Happy students are excited to be back at school!