About Our Fifth Grade Teachers


Mrs. Moloney

Fifth Grade Teacher

Moloney Photo

A teacher at St. Hilary since 2004, Mrs. Moloney has also worked at the school in various capacities, including substitute teacher and tutor. Prior to teaching fifth grade, Mrs. Moloney taught first grade at St. Hilary.  She teaches reading and religion, as well as homeroom subjects, to her fifth grade students.  She loves working with young children.

Mrs. Moloney devotes much of her time to instilling in her students a love of reading. “I love seeing the kids’ reading ability improve, and seeing their pride in their accomplishments,” she says. 

The inclusion of religion in everything students do is what Mrs. Moloney feels makes St. Hilary School a special place to learn. As a Catholic, she enjoys practicing her religion and teaching her students about the Catholic faith.

A graduate of the University of Akron and Kent State University, Mrs. Moloney holds a bachelor’s degree in special education and a master’s degree in early childhood education. She has three children, all of whom are St. Hilary graduates who went on to attend Catholic high school.  Outside of school, Mrs. Moloney enjoys being involved in her family’s activities.






Mrs. Newman
Fifth Grade Teacher



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St. Hilary School fifth grade teacher Mrs. Newman enjoys the unique thrill that comes from teaching.  There is no feeling like the one a teacher gets when we see a student master a new skill or apply what they have learned in a new situation,” she says.  “My students are the best part of my job, and always seem to put a smile on my face.  As a teacher, my goal is always to be effective in helping my students develop skills and knowledge that will serve them throughout their lives. It is my unwavering belief that an education is about so much more than learning content, and we as teachers are really helping to develop students as people and learners as we teach the ins and outs of the content. If I were not to stay in the classroom (and it would be a hard sell to get me out), I would love to write curriculum or help develop pre-service teachers.”


A self-described scientist at heart and by training, Mrs. Newman says her favorite subject to teach is science.  “I love how science blends logic with creativity, and allows me to help my students explore the world around them,” she explains.  Creativity is a part of Mrs. Newman’s teaching style in general, too.  She notes, “I like to use a variety of different activities in the classroom that ensure a student-centered environment. I figure, if I am bored with my lesson then my students surely are as well. I frequently use project-based learning units, games, inquiry activities, and Socratic Seminars in my classroom.”


Having taught in other school settings for seven years, Mrs. Newman has a strong frame of reference for comparison with St. Hilary.  “I began my career teaching middle school in public schools, and most people called me crazy when I chose to stay there rather than move up to high school,” she shares. “I suspect that the middle years of education and the students that I get to teach fit perfectly with my goofy personality.  After that, it was simply happenstance that kept me at the 7th grade level. In Virginia, middle school starts in 6th or 7th grade, depending on the school, so changing grades often means changing schools. I lived, and taught, in two different regions of the state, and both districts happened to have a 7th grade opening. I stayed in public schools because there aren’t too many Catholic schools in Virginia, and I really enjoyed the schools that I taught in. Upon our move to Ohio, I only applied to the Catholic schools in the area, as it was always my plan to get back into the Catholic school tradition that I grew up in.  In my short time in Akron and at St. Hilary, it has become obvious to me that St. Hilary has earned its stellar reputation from the dedication of its staff to their students, its caring and faith-centered atmosphere, and the supportive community of parents and parish members that it is blessed with.”


Mrs. Newman holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Notre Dame, and a master’s degree in education from The George Washington University in Washington D.C.  Her master’s degree allowed her to specialize in secondary education, and she has taken five extra graduate courses in gifted education to earn an endorsement in that area. She holds a Virginia teaching license with certifications in Biology, Middle School Science, and Gifted Education.  Her Ohio licensure will include Middle Grades Science and Math.

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Mrs. Newman attended Catholic schools from Pre-K until grad school.  The daughter of a dentist and a dental hygienist, she says, “I was all set to go to medical school until my senior year of college when I realized I was going into medicine for all the wrong reasons. I luckily found my passion in teaching and haven’t looked back.”    Her husband, however, is pursuing a career in medicine, having completed his medical residency in Virginia and currently working at Summa Health System as a Clinical Fellow in Sports Medicine.  Mrs. Newman and her husband have a loveable dog named Hobbes, a Lab/Great Dane mix, who is as friendly as he is energetic.   In her free time, Mrs. Newman loves to read and cook, and has recently taken a couple of painting classes in the hopes of developing new skills and flexing her creative muscle.   “Most of my paintings have ended up in my classroom though, as my students are much kinder about their quality than my family is!” she says.




Mrs. Sollenberger
Fifth Grade Teacher


“The best part of teaching is watching the students grow and learn,” says St. Hilary School fifth grade teacher Mrs. Sollenberger.  “I love when they get excited about really grasping a new concept or reading a new book.”  To make learning appealing for her students, Mrs. Sollenberger keeps them involved and excited about their learning.  “Our class does many hands-on activities that are relevant to the students’ lives,” she explains.  “We make connections between what we learn and how we can use the knowledge and skills in the ‘real’ world.  I also use technology to enhance what we are learning, give the students an opportunity to create unique projects, and engage the students in their learning.”  To motivate her students to learn, and to help them be excited about discovering new ideas and gaining knowledge and skills is a constant professional goal for Mrs. Sollenberger.

While she enjoys everything about teaching and learning, Mrs. Sollenberger says she is partial to language arts.  “The great thing about language arts and reading is that it can be incorporated into all the other subject areas, which I do with my social studies curriculum,” she says.

The sense of community at St. Hilary School is what Mrs. Sollenberger feels sets it apart from other schools.  “Everyone works to help everyone else succeed,” she observes.  “I also think a critical aspect that makes St. Hilary what it is academically and socially is the way our Catholic faith and values are brought into all we do.”

In her first full-time teaching position in the 2013-2014 school year, Mrs. Sollenberger student taught in two Catholic schools and had a long-term substitute assignment in a Catholic school in the 2012-2013 school year.  She previously worked in retail management and in the financial services industry.

Mrs. Sollenberger holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration and marketing, as well as a bachelor of science degree in education, both from the University of Akron.  She also holds a master’s degree in business administration from John Carroll University.  Licensed in middle level education in language arts, reading and mathematics, Mrs. Sollenberger also holds a reading certification.

Involved at St. Hilary as a parent of four children for many years, Mrs. Sollenberger has coached St. Hilary students in cross country and track for over 10 years.  She has also been a Cub Scout leader and a Girl Scout leader.  She enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, running, and reading.