About Our Seventh Grade Teachers



Mrs. Griesse
Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher



Building relationships and creating a welcoming environment are some of the most important parts of teaching for seventh grade reading and religion teacher Mrs. Griesse.  “I enjoy watching students grow throughout the year, not only in their academics, but their character as well,” she says.  “I want to push students to be the best that they can be, and want to be a role model for them.”

Striving to create lessons that are engaging and relevant for her students and that give them room to exceed expectations, Mrs. Griesse favors using inquiry-based learning in her classroom.  Student projects and group activities are among some of the methods she uses to help students explore concepts.

In addition to her obvious love of language arts, Mrs. Griesse also enjoys teaching math.  “I love the creative aspect of language arts and the opportunity for students to show their own style,” she says, “but I also really enjoy algebra and geometry.  I’m a very creative, artsy person, so both English and math are fun for me!”  Regardless of what she is teaching, Mrs. Griesse is thrilled to be able to incorporate the Catholic faith into her teaching through activities and assignments throughout the year.  “I’m excited to be a part of the St. Hilary community and can’t wait to see what this year brings,” she shares.

A teacher by profession for three years, Mrs. Griesse says she has always felt like a teacher, helping her four younger siblings with their school work for many years.  Mrs. Griesse holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with Honors from Kent State University, with certification in Middle School Education, Math and Language Arts.  Always a learner, she looks forward to continuing to learn how to improve her teaching to help her students love learning as much as she does.  “I enjoy looking for and learning about new methods and activities to engage my students,” she explains.

A native of Stow, Mrs. Griesse and her husband met in high school and have been married three years.  They enjoy football (especially the Browns) and hiking with their puppy, Arya.  Mrs. Griesse also likes art, cooking, sewing, and reading.  With a lengthy list of books she hopes to read, Mrs. Griesse looks forward to reading some new selections with her students.


Mrs. Hamby
Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher




Helping students understand mathematics and finding their own ways to understand how mathematics works is what St. Hilary School junior high math teacher Mrs. Hamby most enjoys about teaching.  “It’s spectacular to see a student finally reach understanding!” she says.  To help students grasp concepts in this often-challenging subject, Mrs. Hamby works pop culture and things she and her students love into lessons.  She says she especially loves superheroes, so students can look forward to solving equations with Superman and Batman!  Among all the various areas of math, Mrs. Hamby says she especially loves teaching algebra.

St. Hilary School’s focus on being a positive, responsible member of the community motivates students to be the best they can be and is what Mrs. Hamby feels makes the school stand out as a place where students can become both academically strong and well-rounded.  A product of Catholic education for her K-12 years, and now in her third year of teaching, Mrs. Hamby is excited to be a part of St. Hilary School and its culture.  She was very involved during her own school career, earning 12 varsity letters in golf, swimming and softball, as well as participating in National Honor Society, Student Council and book club.

A native of Indiana, Mrs. Hamby began her teaching career in her home state before relocating to Ohio with her husband.  She has taught seventh and eighth grade math at schools in both states.  “I love the seventh and eighth grade math curriculum,” she says.  “It is the foundation that all math is built on!  It is my goal to give students a strong base to build on in order to become the best mathematicians they can be.”

Mrs. Hamby holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from Valparaiso University, and as a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the school, is a self-described proud Valparaiso University Crusader.  With licensure in grades 7-12 Mathematics, Mrs. Hamby would like to pursue graduate studies in both education and mathematics, to further not only her own learning, but that of her students.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Mrs. Hamby, her husband and their dog, Loki, are settling into their new home in Ohio.  She notes that her dog frequently makes appearances in her classroom presentations!  In her free time, Mrs. Hamby enjoys crocheting, reading and going to see movies.  She is an avid coffee and tea drinker, too.  Mrs. Hamby invites students to come see her for book suggestions or to try to stump her on pop culture trivia!

Mr. Sherry
Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher




Mr. Sherry has been a Catholic school teacher since 2006 and it’s been his dream to be a teacher since the fourth grade. At St. Hilary, he teaches seventh grade English and eighth grade religion. As a Catholic school teacher today and former pupil, he possesses many fond memories of his experience in Catholic schools. Some of his first memories of God’s love came at Friday mass in grade school. He also relies on his relationship with the Virgin Mary and credits her for bringing him his wife. The Rosary, including its mysteries, significance and usefulness in today’s world, will be taught early and often in his classes.


For Mr. Sherry, the seeds to becoming a teacher were planted many years ago in middle school, when as a child God blessed him with a wonderful male role model who also wore the hat of being his fourth grade teacher.  So inspired by his teacher, Mr. Sherry decided he wanted to follow that path to help other children overcome their struggles and reach their fullest potential.


Mr. Sherry was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has two older brothers. He graduated from Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh and the University of Dayton from which he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle School Education with concentrations in Social Studies and English.   


Being a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan, he has no fear of expressing his love for the black and gold. That passion is shown on his classroom walls and sometimes in his attire. He is an avid golfer who has been playing the sport since he was four having learned from his dad. He enjoys helping kids and teens learn the swing and the many lessons of discipline and selflessness that can be gained by understanding the game. He also has a goal of qualifying to be a contestant on Jeopardy, watching the show daily with his wife. Many aspects of his love of sport, golf, and Jeopardy can be found in his teaching.


His wife of four years is the love of his life and they have been together since their freshman year at UD. She is a nurse of God’s tiniest in the NICU. They enjoy running together, dining out afterward, and taking long walks. His wife is from the Cleveland area, and with Mr. Sherry’s family being nearby in Pittsburgh, the northeast Ohio area is the perfect place to start a family and begin an adventure!