To inquire about admission to St. Hilary School, please click here or call 330-867-8720, ext. 343.

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The Admission Policy of St. Hilary School is in accordance with the student acceptance regulations of the Diocese of Cleveland.
The school admits qualified students of any gender,  race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the
rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at St. Hilary School.

St. Hilary School is a Catholic parochial school within the Cleveland Diocesan School System, built and supported by St. Hilary Parish.
The first responsibility of the school is to serve the parishioners of St. Hilary Parish.

In recent years, the number of applicants has exceeded the number of students that can be accepted
while maintaining the quality of education at St. Hilary School.
Because of this, a priority system has been established to determine which applicants will be admitted.

The following criteria will be considered to determine admittance in the school:
A. Faithful and regular attendance at Parish Sunday liturgy plus involvement in a parish ministry.
B. Financial support of Parish according to one’s means.
C. Length of time a family has been registered in St. Hilary Parish.
D. Other siblings in school.
E. Child’s readiness to start school.

After these criteria have been considered, children will be accepted into St. Hilary School in this order:
1. The family is registered at St. Hilary Parish.
2. The child is coming from a parish with no school. Full-cost tuition will be required.
3. The child is coming from a parish with a school. Full-cost tuition will be required.
4. Non-Catholic children will be accepted if there is room available. Full-cost tuition will be required.

All applicants are expected to furnish at the time of application for admission a copy of the student’s most recent academic progress report.
If applicable, copies of testing data and special education plans must also be provided.
Admission may be denied based upon a student’s previous academic, behavioral or attendance record.
Students applying for entry into kindergarten will be required to complete St. Hilary School’s readiness screening unless waived by the school.
All other students may be required to complete entrance or placement testing.
Previous schools may be contacted and students and parents may be required to
meet with the principal and/or pastor as part of the enrollment process.
In order to ensure success for the student, St. Hilary School reserves the right not to admit any student who, in the discretion of the school,
will be unable to meet the school’s standards for academics, behavior and attendance.


A student must be five years old before September 30. Each student will be required to attend a screening which is not an “entrance exam,” but a tool to help the teachers better understand the child. Because of the large number of applicants, only those who attend kindergarten at St. Hilary can be guaranteed entrance into the first grade. Applications will be available during registration week in February.  For additional information, please call 330-867-8720, ext. 343.

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