STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  At St. Hilary School, we strive to integrate these subjects into everything we do.  Project-based learning is often used to achieve this goal.  Our robust science program and state-of-the art science lab enable students across the grades to learn in a hands-on environment.  Highlights of this program for older students include science competitions, science fair, and bridge building, which focuses on engineering.   Technology at St. Hilary School is a key component of the educational experience.  Visit our iPad and Chromebook Page to learn about how technology is incorporated into lessons and more.  Religion is the foundation of our school, and is woven throughout our day.  Daily prayer and weekly Masses foster the growth of students' faith and character.  Engineering and other careers of today and tomorrow are explored through our career elective courses.  All students also have exposure to fine and performing arts throughout their time at St. Hilary School, with a capstone performance opportunity being our annual junior high spring musical.  Our math program is exceptionally strong, featuring three levels of math for students in grades 5-8, with many of our eighth grade students testing into higher level math in high school.