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As the COVID-19 situation evolves and updates must be made
to our Handbook, they will be posted here.
These amendments supersede content in the Handbook.


August 28, 2020 Student Illness and Return Policy, COVID-19 Reporting Policy, and Travel Policy Amendments:


During this unusual year, our policy on student illness and returning to school obviously looks a bit different. One of the most important factors in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and all sickness in our school is excluding sick students from in-person learning in our school building. In prior years, our sick policy stated students could return to school after 24 hours without a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. As you know, there are strict protocols for returning to school for COVID-19 positive cases, presumed COVID-19 positive cases, and exposure to COVID-19, and we will be working with Summit County Public Health on a case by case basis if/when these situations occur.

An area we would like to clear up is when students have other diagnoses (i.e. norovirus, strep throat, etc.) to explain their symptoms, or when a health care provider has determined the symptoms are related to a pre-existing condition. In these cases, students can return to school 72 hours after symptoms have ended (including being fever-free without fever reducing medicine), and we will need written notification/clarification from your child's pediatrician explaining the diagnosis and/or pre-existing condition. If your child has a pre-existing condition, such as asthma, migraines, or another condition that manifests in symptoms that could be mistaken for COVID-19 symptoms, we strongly suggest that you obtain a note from your child’s pediatrician now and send it to our clinic so that we have it on file. It may be difficult for you to obtain this documentation later in the year with the speed that you would like to obtain it.

To summarize, out of an abundance of caution, our policy will be that students exhibiting any symptoms known to be associated with COVID-19 must not return to school until 72 hours after the symptoms have ended. We understand these extra precautions may seem extreme, but we are asking everyone to respect these policies so students and staff can remain in-person at school as long as possible.


Per Governor DeWine's state mandate, reporting protocols are to be in place for schools. All positive COVID-19 test results that impact our school community (i.e. students, staff, family members, and other close contacts) must be reported to our St. Hilary School school clinic or administration. Their contacts are listed below:

Cathy Hammersmith, School Nurse -

Abby Laughlin, School Nurse -

Jennifer Woodman, Principal -

Darcy Alexander, Assistant Principal -

We will report to parents as needed on a case by case basis in accordance with Summit County Public Health. Thank you for your help with this very important matter.


An update to our COVID-19 travel policy is that we will be requiring students to quarantine for 14 days after visiting states that have a 15% or more COVID-19 positivity rate. Again, this is an extra precaution and we know this could impact travel plans. If your children are learning in-person, we are asking you to respect this decision and plan accordingly. Students who are required to quarantine after traveling to a state or country with a 15% or higher COVID-19 positivity rate will be required to distance learn for the 14 days.


August 4, 2020 Mask Policy Amendment:
Per Governor DeWine's state-wide mask mandate issued August 4, 2020 for all students in kindergarten through grade 12 attending in-person school, St. Hilary School parents must provide masks for all students in grades K-8 who will be participating in in-person learning this school year.  Any student who is unable to wear a mask may be excused with a written note from the child's physician stating the reason for the excuse.  The school will provide a face shield for every student, as well as a lanyard for every student to contain his or her mask while eating, drinking or taking a mask break.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Principal Mrs. Alexander at