Investing In Our Future: A Campaign To Support Our Educators


Thank you to everyone who helped to kick off the Investing In Our Future: A Campaign To Support Our Educators initiative in such an incredibly successful way during the Raise the Paddle segment of the evening at Celebration 2023! Through your generosity that evening and in the weeks that have followed, just under $93,000 was raised to bolster the fund that will help to keep the salaries of our teachers and educational staff competitive and allow us to retain and recruit top educators. A committee is being formed, and St. Hilary School parent Brianne Alaburda is the chairperson spearheading ongoing fundraising for this campaign. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact Brianne at 330-770-8207 or

This joint effort between St. Hilary School and the St. Hilary Parish Foundation is just one of many ways the Foundation supports the St. Hilary community. Donor support is vital to continue to make the Foundation a viable entity and enable it to fund Parish and School needs well into the future. To learn more or donate, please visit or call Diane Sarkis, Development Director, at 330-608-4787 or