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School Phone:  330-867-8720 - Then Press Extension
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All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screening, including background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification (BCI&I).  For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p. 3).



Position Name Location Voicemail
Principal Mrs. Woodman Office 223
Asst. Principal Mrs. Alexander Office 224
Mrs. Sinopoli Office 343
Social Emotional Mr. Conner Office 237
Admin. Asst. Mrs. Smith Office 221
Secretary Miss Malick Office 222
Secretary Mrs. Hamlin Office 227
Nurse Mrs. Bauman Clinic 225
Nurse Mrs. Beck Clinic 225
Kindergarten Mrs. Sickels 101  
Kindergarten Mrs. Keller 101  
Kindergarten Mrs. Shenigo 101  
Kindergarten Mrs. Haskins 102  
Mrs. Kaut  102  
Kindergarten Mrs. Pelini 102  
Kindergarten Miss Bennett 105  
Kindergarten Mrs. Olack 105  
Kindergarten Mrs. Vierheller 105  
Grade 1 Mrs. Walsh 104  
Grade 1 Mrs. Chase 104  
Grade 1 Mrs. Kaut 104  
Grade 1 Mrs. Monea 106  
Grade 1 Mrs. Stahr 106  
Grade 1 Mrs. Yoder 106  
Grade 1 Mrs. Walters 110  
Grade 1 Mrs. Carducci 110  
Grade 1 Mrs. Paterakis 110  
Grade 2 Mrs. Collins 103  
Grade 2 Mrs. Alexander 107  
Grade 2 Mrs. Conley 108  
Grade 2 Mrs. Weber    
Grade 3 Mrs. Quernemoen 204  
Grade 3 Mrs. Salamone 208  
Grade 3 Mrs. Starkey 209  
Grade 3 Mrs. Kleinman    
Grade 4 Mrs. Huston 205  
Grade 4 Mr. Abucejo 206
Grade 4 Mrs. Cooper 207  
Grade 4 Ms. Stanley    
Grade 5 Mrs. Murphey 201  
Grade 5 Miss Angle 202
Grade 5 Mrs. Sollenberger 203  
Grade 6 Miss Buzzi 111  
Grade 6 Mr. Dougherty 113  
Grade 6 Mrs. Cingel 114  
Grade 7 Mr. Gadus 119  
Grade 7 Mr. Ruff 115  
Grade 7 Mrs. Bennett 118  
Grade 8 Mr. Carpenter 116  
Grade 8 Mrs. Osborne 117  
Grade 8 Mr. Sherry 120  
Adv. Math Mrs. Heuer Adv. Math Room  

Art Mrs. Pelfrey Art Room  
Chinese Mrs. Shu Conference Room  
Enrichment Art Mrs. Melton    
French Mrs. Six French Room  
Media Center/Technology Mrs. Gupta Media Center  
Media Center/Technology Mrs. Orr Media Center  
Music Mrs. Toth Music Room  
Physical Ed. Mrs. Palumbo Gym  
Spanish Mrs. Villarreal Spanish Room  
Campus Minister Mrs. Hoffmann    
Social Worker Mrs. Parisi Guidance Office 257
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Eldred Guidance Office 257
Guidance Counselor Ms. Henderson-Watkins Guidance Office 257
Latchkey Mrs. Melton Latchkey Office 230
Primary Enrichment Mrs. Kelly French Room  
Reading Tutor/Intervention Specialist Mrs. Scanlon Tutoring Office  
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Schiavoni Intervention  
Speech/Language Therapist Mrs. Milosevic Speech Office  
ABA Therapist Mrs. Towsley Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Morrocco Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Zupsansky Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Pitchford Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Gibson Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Falhamer Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Clemens Intervention  
Tutor Mrs. Peace Intervention  
Maintenance Manager Mr. Glaus Maintenance Office 226
Maintenance Supervisor Mr. Avalos Maintenance Office  
Playground Supervisors Mrs. Brennan

Mrs. Yoder
Lunchroom Supervisor Mrs. Welty Lunchroom  
Hot Lunch Coordinator Mrs. Vieltorf Kitchen  
Assistant Mrs. Goske    
Assistant Miss Sovacool    
Assistant Mrs. Wilson    
Building Sub Mrs. Nemr    
Building Sub  Mrs. Samaan