St. Hilary Athletics

The St. Hilary Athletic Association provides an organizational path for the children of the parish to participate in Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and other area sponsored sports programs. The Athletic Association provides a structured format with emphasis on participation and Christian fellowship.

The goal of the St. Hilary Athletic Association is to provide the children of our parish the best sports program possible with the resources available to us. The Athletic Association is responsible for managing and directing all aspects of St. Hilary sports programs.

The Athletic Association is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of parents and friends willing to give their time and talent to maintain a quality program. The Athletic Association coordinates all activities associated with the sports programs offered. Annually, approximately 800 children participate in the following sports managed by the Athletic Association:


SOCCER - Fall / Spring (all Co-ed)
 Grade K – Munchkin Soccer (Fall & Spring)
 Grades 1-8 – CYO Soccer (Fall only)

FOOTBALL - Fall (all Co-ed)
 Grades 7 & 8 - Tackle
 Grades 5 & 6 - Rookie
 Grades 1-4 - Flag

CHEERLEADING - Fall  (Co-ed)
 Grades 1-8

CROSS COUNTRY - Fall (Boys and Girls)
 Grades 1-8

 Grades K- 2 – Munchkin Intramural (Co-ed)
 Grades 3-8 – CYO (Boys and Girls)
 High School and Adult Leagues

 Grades 3-8 – CYO Girls (Fall)
 Grades 3-8 – CYO Boys (Spring)
 Co-ed High School League & Adult Co-ed League (Spring)

TRACK - Spring (Boys and Girls)
 Grades 3-8 – CYO

TENNIS - Spring (Individual)
 Grades 1-8 - CYO

LACROSSE - Spring (Boys and Girls)
 Grades 3-8  - CYO

BASEBALL - Spring (Boys)
 Grades 3-8  - CYO

SOFTBALL - Spring (Girls)
 Grades 3-8 - CYO

COACH PITCH - Spring (Co-ed)
 Grades 1-2 - CYO


For additional information, please visit the St. Hilary Parish website.

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