Students Dismissed For Summer May 30

Thursday, April 25, 2019


St. Hilary School students will be dismissed from school for the summer at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 30.  No afternoon buses or Latchkey will be available.  To safely and efficiently accommodate the large number of families picking students up, we will follow the procedure below for early dismissal:

There will be no pick-up line.  All children will be held inside the building for dismissal.  Parents are asked to park on or near the St. Hilary School property and walk to the building to retrieve children.  Parents may enter the building through one of three sets of doors:
The main doors (by the Jesus statue), the Horning Hall doors, and the Moorfield Road doors.

Students will be called in groups over the PA and held in two locations for dismissal based on the last name of the school family with whom they will go home.

1.  If a student will be going home with a family whose last name begins with A-G, he or she should report to the Multi-Purpose Room when called and wait there to be picked up.

2.  If a student will be going home with a family whose last name begins with H-Z, he or she should report to Horning Hall when called and wait there to be picked up.

If a grandparent, neighbor, or other “non-school family” driver will pick up your child for you, your child should go by his or her own last name.  Students who ride the Kids Country bus should report to Horning Hall.  Students with a note on file permitting them to walk home may exit through the Moorfield Road doors ONLY and walk as usual.  Students will be supervised by school staff during dismissal.

We are following this procedure in response to parent suggestions.  To assist us in safely and efficiently dismissing your children, your cooperation is needed with the following:

· ALL STUDENTS MUST KNOW HOW THEY ARE GOING HOME WHEN THEY COME TO SCHOOL.  If you will not be picking up your own child, please make sure he or she knows on the morning of May 30 who will be picking him or her up, and whether to report to the Multi-Purpose Room or Horning Hall.

· PARENTS MUST WALK CHILDREN FROM THE BUILDING TO THE CAR.  While we will have school staff assisting in the parking lot, there will be an incredibly large volume of traffic moving in the lot, with cars pulling into and backing out of spaces.  Please make sure you walk with your children using our marked crosswalks.

· PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE SCHOOL PERSONNEL ON DUTY to make this procedure go safely and smoothly for all.

Please contact us with any questions.  As always, your child’s safety is our top priority.