About Our Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Conley
Third Grade Teacher


“I want all my students to enjoy coming to school every day, be eager to learn and share what they’ve learned, and apply it to their lives,” says St. Hilary School third grade teacher Mrs. Conley.  In order to foster that type of attitude, Mrs. Conley uses creative methods to make learning fun for her students.  “You may see me wear crazy glasses, a silly hat, or sing a song…whatever it takes to help teach a new concept and keep the students interested,” she says.

As the third grade English teacher, Mrs. Conley uses a variety of techniques to help develop students’ communication skills through spoken and written language.   She explains, “Getting the students to do fun presentations or speeches will help to build their confidence in front of people.  They are very nervous in the beginning, but it is amazing how much fun they have and how they improve!”

The opportunity to share her faith with her students on a daily basis and make a difference in their lives is one of the things Mrs. Conley enjoys most about teaching.  She is also impressed by all that St. Hilary has to offer its students, such as technology, foreign languages and enrichment classes.  “I believe the students here have many opportunities and are challenged,” Mrs. Conley notes.  She is excited to be a part of the St. Hilary faculty and welcomes the opportunity to be a positive role model for her students.

Mrs. Conley and her husband of 22 years have three children, and are active members of St. Francis Xavier Parish.  Mrs. Conley taught at St. Francis Xavier for five years before taking time off to be with her children.  She most recently headed the Development Program for four-year-olds at The Nurtury preschool.  Singing, gardening and coaching CYO volleyball are among her interests.

Mrs. Conley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from The Ohio State University, as well as elementary teaching certification for grades 1-8 from Baldwin Wallace College.

Mr. Manno

Third Grade Teacher

Manno Photo

The ability to be a positive role model in the educational process is what St. Hilary School third grade teacher Mr. Manno most enjoys about teaching. He feels it is important to treat his students with respect, and to make their learning experience fun and enjoyable. He relies on his sense of humor to make his students feel comfortable. In addition to teaching third grade homeroom subjects, Mr. Manno teaches third grade math.

Mr. Manno appreciates the high level of support he receives from his students’ families. He takes pride in being an effective communicator with students and parents alike. A product of Catholic schools, and a firm believer in Catholic education, Mr. Manno feels St. Hilary students are at a definite advantage. He notes that the school’s high standards, as well as continuity in the teaching staff, are important factors in the success of St. Hilary students.

Each year, Mr. Manno particularly enjoys seeing his former third grade students graduate as eighth graders. He says his students still remember things he taught them, and he can recall watching their eyes light up with excitement as they would grasp a new concept.

A graduate of the University of Akron, Mr. Manno holds a bachelor’s degree-plus in elementary education (grades 1-8), with a minor in early childhood education. Married with two grown children. Mr. Manno has an affinity for music, and has been a keyboard player for over 40 years. He also enjoys woodworking and building furniture.

Mrs. Starkey

Third Grade Teacher

Starkey Photo

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” says Mrs. Starkey about her job teaching St. Hilary School third graders. A faculty member since 1992, Mrs. Starkey says working with young children is enjoyable because “they are so much fun. They make you forget any problems you may have for the moment.” She says it is also rewarding to see students grow, and notes that her first class of students is in college school now.

Mrs. Starkey enjoys being part of her students’ lives, celebrating their milestones, and hearing the stories they love to tell. “I like to be personal with them. They know I have a first name and a family, and that helps them to see me as a real person,” she says. In addition to teaching third grade homeroom subjects, Mrs. Starkey teaches third grade reading, which she particularly enjoys. She says she especially likes reading to her students.

“This is a nice community to teach in,” says Mrs. Starkey of the level of support provided by parents and teachers. “Everyone is very involved here,” she says. She also feels the many opportunities St. Hilary students have, through special classes and extracurricular activities, add to the richness of their educational experience. “Kids here are really busy,” she says. “They are open to new things, and enjoy doing many different activities.” Mrs. Starkey adds that St. Hilary students have available to them many services to which students in other schools do not have access.

One of Mrs. Starkey’s favorite things about working with St. Hilary students has been her role as a student council advisor. She finds it gratifying to see what kids can accomplish, and enjoys watching them touch their community.

Married with three children, two of whom attend St. Hilary, Mrs. Starkey enjoys playing golf, swimming, watching baseball, and spending time with her family. She holds a master’s degree in elementary education (K-8) from Kent State University.